Baby Gila monsters rule the world

Some time has passed since the last blog post (my sincerest apologies, I am a terrible blogger). What’s been going at Goatsby’s Place since we last wrote? Besides the usual life stuff (family & work) the babies are doing great and growing like weeds. Of all the baby reptiles I’ve worked with Gila monsters areContinue reading “Baby Gila monsters rule the world”

Day 102: How long do Gila monster eggs incubate?

Mark Seward says 124 – 150 days. I am at Day 102 and it’s hard to be patient. Six eggs remain in the incubator and I have not touched them in some time for fear of creating a problem that didn’t exist. The Grumbach has done an admirable job of keeping both temperature and humidityContinue reading “Day 102: How long do Gila monster eggs incubate?”

Update 3: Sitting, watching, waiting.

So, I made a third update some weeks ago but found out I never posted it, so here it goes… UPDATE 3 – May 3, 2019 The females had been separated from the males for about two weeks now as I observed both females being copulated with and, according to other successful breeders, mating isContinue reading “Update 3: Sitting, watching, waiting.”

The Grumbach S84 Incubator for Reptile Egg Incubation

I discovered Grumbach incubators from the book Beaded Lizards & Gila Monsters Captive Care & Husbandry which states that “Grumbach incubators are especially well suited for hatching Heloderma eggs”. After some Google searching and browsing through reptile forums I quickly found that the problem with Grumbach, a German manufacturer, is that these machines are notContinue reading “The Grumbach S84 Incubator for Reptile Egg Incubation”

Joy’s pain: a Gila monster’s road to recovery

When I purchased the six Gila monsters, No. 6 (now known as Joy) was the only one that looked a little off; she was skinnier than the rest and her fat reserves in her tail were depleted. I thought it may have been from overwintering but that was not to be the case as itContinue reading “Joy’s pain: a Gila monster’s road to recovery”