Terms and Conditions

First & Foremost: Gila monsters are venomous reptiles and restricted for private sale in many States here in the US and countries worldwide. While you, the buyer, are ultimately responsible for knowing your local laws pertaining the ownership of venomous reptiles, we will not knowingly sell to those in areas where Gila monsters are not allowed unless the proper permits are provided prior to the sale. No sales to those under 18 years of age.

All Florida residents must possess an active and current venomous reptiles license with Helodermatidae authorization issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. A copy of the permit must be sent to us and will be verified before the sale can take place. There are no exceptions to this, please do not ask.

As we love our dear monsters and want to see them go the proper homes, GOATSBY’S PLACE, LLC, reserves the right to be picky. Please do your homework before inquiring about purchase as we expect that you have a thorough understanding of the commitment and requirements to facilitate the responsible ownership of one of these magnificent reptiles.

Payment: We accept payment via PayPal (which allows for Visa, MasterCard Discover, AMEX, bank transfer, etc.), cashier’s checks, money orders, and personal checks (if paying by cashier’s check, money order, or personal check, your check must clear prior to shipping). If a check is being sent to hold an animal(s), the hold will not begin until the check is received. If you wish an immediate hold a PayPal payment must be recieved.

Deposits: For Gila monsters that are in stock and are ready for sale, a $100 non-refundable deposit will hold a particular Gila monster for up to 30 days. Payment in full must be received before the 30-day period expires otherwise the hold is lost and the animal may be sold unless other arrangements are made.

Shipping: Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. All Gila monsters are ONLY shipped via Delta Air Cargo to your nearest Delta hub and there is a $25 box charge.

Guarantees: GOATSBY’S PLACE, LLC, sells only the highest quality captive born Gila monsters and all animals for sale are honestly represented, healthy, and feeding before being sent to new homes. Our reputation is staked on this and we stand behind our monsters. All animals are guaranteed for live arrival and for 2 hours after the shipment arrives at your airport. When receiving a shipment, you must open the package at the airline’s facility to make sure that no theft or accidental death has occurred during the shipping process. Once you have safe possession of the shipment please examine your animal(s) very closely and make certain that you are satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase you must notify us immediately so that steps can be taken to rectify the situation. After the two-hour time limit expires we assume no further liabilities. This policy exists because once a Gila monster leaves our facility we no longer have control over its care or environment. The two-hour guarantee period after the shipment arrives at the airport is given to allow you to take the animal(s) to your house or facility for close inspection and to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If accidental death occurs during shipment, the buyer is required to immediately make arrangements to ship deceased animal back to us with dry ice or cold packs in order to begin the refund process. We will pay for shipping of deceased animal. Please be aware that all animals are digitally photographed prior to shipping to facilitate the identification of any deceased animals lost during transit. All guarantees for live arrival are void if you pick up your shipment from the airline two hours after the plane’s arrival so please make sure that you can pick up your Gila monster during this window of time. We are not responsible for carrier error (package is lost, misdirected, or otherwise mishandled). Insurance for a shipment can be obtained from the airlines for a fee. If a problem does occur and it is determined that carrier error is involved, a claim must be filed by the consignee (customer) with the airline. This is standard airline claim procedure. If any problems exist with the shipment, the above procedures described above must be followed.