Conservation of Gila monsters (and of course beaded lizards) is paramount in our view. Though Gilas are protected throughout their native range, it does not lessen the threat of human encroachment or poaching for the pet trade. While we hope the Gila monsters produced here help to lessen the latter, there is still much work to be done to ensure the future of the incredible Helodermatidae species in the wild.

Something we can all do to lessen the impact on wild populations is to ensure the Gilas we purchase are captive born. Whether purchasing from Goatsby’s Place or another reputable breeder, always do your homework and question a deal too good to be true (good advice for any area of life). An adult Gila monster for below market value without paperwork is a red flag, and a situation that does occur. While not every breeder provides documentation, and animals that have been purchased or sold several times may not have it, asking questions and requiring a receipt along with full contact information of the seller is a minimum. You’d be surprised how many reptile brokers / dealers will not do even these simple steps! A little research and some basic questions can go a long way.

Below are links to causes or information directly related to Gila monster conservation. A special thanks to John Brueggen for providing me with some great info to share!

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