adidas Harden Vol 4 Gila monster shoes

Earlier this year adidas in collaboration with famed basketball player James Harden released Vol. 4 of his namesake shoe. Why is sneaker news on a Gila monster website? Because a variant of the shoes are Gila monster pattern! And they are quite a match with our beloved venomous lizard’s intricate pattern. Previously, a Vol. 1Continue reading “adidas Harden Vol 4 Gila monster shoes”

Why do Gila monsters play dead?

My first encounter with this behavior was many years ago when my best friend saw the Gila monster in its cage upside down and unmoving. He called in a panic and said that my pink lizard (his reference of Gila monsters to this day) was dead. Of course when the cage was opened the lizardContinue reading “Why do Gila monsters play dead?”

Alex Ebel’s 1980 Gila monster poster for Nocona Boots

Our family moved to Estes Park, Colorado, in 1981 when I was about 6 years old. It was a small town nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, and my dad got a job as the manager of the local diner, “The Coffee Bar”. I would go in and help clean dishes and work in theContinue reading “Alex Ebel’s 1980 Gila monster poster for Nocona Boots”