New Gila Monster book from Dr. Hans-Joachim Schwandt

Fans of the fantastic website already know how knowledgeable and passionate Dr. Schwandt is about Gila monsters, and in September 2019 he released his long-awaited book on our favorite subject. Being the Gila geek I am, my order was placed the day pre-orders were announced and was certainly not disappointed when it arrived. TheContinue reading “New Gila Monster book from Dr. Hans-Joachim Schwandt”

Heloderma Bibliography

The Yahoo! Heloderma group created and maintained by Mark Miller is being taken down. So, I thought it would be a shame to let Mark’s work fade into oblivion and have posted his well-curated Heloderma¬†Bibliography here for posterity. One of these days I will update this list with some of the newer books that haveContinue reading “Heloderma Bibliography”