2023 Gila monster Spring kick-off!

While all was quiet on the blog and social media posts, we have been working diligently behind the scenes with our monsters, and are kicking off our 2023 Gila monster breeding season!

Misty, a high-orange female Gila monster produced here in 2019, will be bred with unrelated bloodlines this year.

While every year is certainly exciting, 2023 is off the charts for us here at Goatsby’s Place! Besides the fact that our Seward-line axanthic female will be breeding for the first time, we also have one of our own Gilas produced in 2019 also breeding for the first time. We will have a total of four females breeding this year, and three males to mate them with (optimally a 1:1 ratio is preferred).

Winifred is our Seward-line axanthic female Gila monster.

As the season starts anew, it’s a time to reflect on past year’s successes and failures. I re-read my notes and chat with other breeders and try to see how we can do things better. This year’s focus is nesting and achieving a higher hatch rate. We’re coming up with a new nesting box and will be sure to share that here once we have the design worked out. We’d also like to get more proficient with the ultrasound and be able to time ovulation and oviposition with greater accuracy this year.

A sight we hope to see mid-April!
We monitor growing follicles and testes on our Gila monster by ultrasound. This helps us to keep an eye on reproductive development and when the highest chance of successful pairings are.
Male testes also change throughout the year and need to be monitored.

Besides having the fortune to live with Gila monsters, its both profound and humbling to enter each year with these amazing reptiles and learn more about them. Having produced Gilas each year just feeds my love for them, and I’m sure this year will be no exception!

Gilas just wanna have fun!

Stay tuned for some exciting things happening at Goatsby’s Place this year, new videos, lots of photos, and of course more Gila monsters! If you’re interested in getting on our rapidly growing waitlist please email us today. And if you have any questions or there is something you’d like to see on an upcoming video please let us know. Thanks for stoping by!

Peace out Monster Squad!!

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